Administrator Tools - AD Users and Computers not accurate.

When I have a domain account that's locked out and I open that account through AD Users and Computers it doesn't show it as locked. If I go to XP workstation everything is display accuracily. Our DC are running Windows Server 2003 and my Win7 workstation is Ultimate.


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Your question isn't very clear, what account is locked out? Your user account, or your computer account? Have you successfully joined the Windows 7 computer to the 2k3 domain and thereby established a computer account? Is the Win7 machine getting the correct information as to the primary DNS resolver? have you attempted to log onto the Win7 machine using domain admin account? If the answere to all the above is affirmative, then remove the Win 7 machine from the domain, and delete the computer account from AD users and computers and rejoin and see if that helps at all. If you can, please help me understand, what your question actually is.

The account locked out is a domain users and I am a domain admin on my Win7 box which is joined to the domain. DNS is working fine. As far I can tell the only issue is reguarding user account lockouts. If I hit F5 a few times then it might fill in the approperiate check marks.


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Is it only one user? is he or she getting the "Your account has been locked" whatever message when he attempts to authenticate? Have you examined the domain account lockout policy? Can you unlock the account? Is there a domain group policy object impacting this account or a OU that he is in? I don't have access to my 2k3 server right now so unfortunately I can't be more specific.


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If you're simply talking about your instance of Remote Server Administration Tools is not behaving properly on your Windows 7 machine then go here to download the latest version and be sure to remove any and all previous versions before installing. It seems to indicate that "server core" management functionality is not included.

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