Adobe Air stopped working- corrupt file, run chkdsk

I did a clean install to Windows 7 32-bit on a Lenovo 3000 C200. Everything has been going fine (save some expected slowness). I had Adobe Air installed and running fine, was using it to run TweetDeck. I went to open Tweetdeck today and got an error message on my applications bar. Installer: Adobe AIRInstaller.exe corrupt file. It says that the macromedia/flashplayer file on C:/users/myname is corrupt, and to run chkdsk. I first tried reinstalling Air, but got an error message that it was already on the hard drive. I then uninstalled Air and Flashplayer from the control panel, reinstalled flash player with no problem, but got the corrupt file message when I tried to install Air. I then used the Flashplayer Uninstaller from Adobe to remove the Flashplayer, reinstalled again, but got the same error message for Air. I ran chkdsk and it started to scan, then suddenly disappeared. I have McAfee and Spyware Doctor, and I haven't been on dangerous websites, so I don't think I have a virus- this is the first symptom if I do. Help? TweetDeck is very helpful for my job so I would like to get it back.


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Is the file in this directory.............. C:/users/myname? If it names the file, delete it, the reinstall, but look at the instructions below first.

I would also download CCleaner
CCleaner - Download and run the Windows section and uncheck anything you want to keep

When you uninstall anything I recommend Revo Uninstaller

This removes left over files and registry entries that the programs uninstaller did not remove.

extended problem- can't open any files or programs

before I tried to fix that problem, I got a brand new problem. Now anytime I try to open a program from the desktop or start menu, it says "Problem with shortcut" usually 00-random symbol. If I try to open a downloaded file (basic word docs or excel files) it says that it's "not a valid Win32 application". I've searched through numerous ".exe files won't open" problems from other people but none of them seem to be the same source. Essentially I can't do anything but browse the web. I installed MalwareBytes which I have had success with on XP and ran the full scan. It found one trojan and I removed it and rebooted, but still have the same problem. I can't pinpoint any changes or programs I downloaded right before this happened- there seems to be no evident trigger. If I didn't mention it before, I have the 32-bit system, did a clean install, and have had no major problems or symptoms before this.


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With all these problems, I 'd have to suggest another 'clean' install as things are getting worse.

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.

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