Windows 7 Adobe Applications Freezes When Starting...


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Hi All,

I have been running Windows 7 for a month and have been very happy with the new OS. I have installed and been using all of the Adobe Master Collection CS3 applications. About a week ago, all of the Adobe applications started to freeze during startup.

I am assuming since all the Adobe applications freeze during loading that it must either be a Microsoft or Adobe patch issue? Or maybe a ESET issue...

Anybody else getting the same thing?

Thank you,

Any solutions?

I am having the same problem, I have windows 7 on my laptop and adobe cs3 installed and runs fine, in tried putting it on my desktop with windows 7 and they crash when they load, I have tried both with clean installs, so I am thinking it has to be hardware, because on a clean install software should not be an issue.

here are my systems
AMD Phenom II X4
8gb DDR1066 Ram
1tb Raid-0 (this might be the issue)
Gigbyte mobo w/ 780g chipset
ATI Radeon 8530 Graphics

Laptop: HP TX1000z
AMD Turion
4gb Ram
Nvidia 6100 chipset,
120gb Hard Drive (SATA)

Any ideas why it works on the laptop and not on the desktop, both are 64bit windows 7, I have all the drivers on the desktop, raid etc.