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I need a good flash player so I went to Adobe's site to get theirs and this is as far as I get.
Important Message: You may need to click the gold bar at the top of the browser window to allow the install.
I don't get a gold bar at the top of the browser window, so am unable to download, Any suggestions?


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What browser are you using? Try Opera or FireFox. Also I was having a problem with Adobe 6 and Windows 7 so I upgraded to Adobe 9 and my problems were over. PM me if you have any more issues about it and I'll do my best to help. Good luck.:)


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That happened to me last night using Internet Explorer. I just waited awhile, then a message box eventually popped up asking permission to install the software. I never did see the gold bar. It appears you have to give it time to download completely to your hard drive, then you should see the message box.


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If you didn't get the bar, it probably installed it. It only takes a few seconds with broadband.
Have a look in programs and features and see if it is in the list.


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I was having trouble viewing a site that displayed perfect in XP using Opera but in 7 I couldn't see some of it. Also when I tried to print a PDF I got an error message that Acrobat 6 was not compatable with 7 so I upgraded to Acrobat 9 and it works fine now.:)


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Adonis has not been back for three days, so maybe he solved the problem.
Fwiw: he was asking only about the tiny Flash add-on, Not Adobe reader.


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Yeah I understood that but I was adding my problem with viewing and printing with Acrobat in 7. Seemed worthwhile to mention since they were both Adobe .:)

I have tried all the above suggestions including waiting (30 minutes or more), and have tried to install Adobe 9 but get the same result. No mention of Adobe Flash player in Programs and Features. I have Adobe reader and air, but the Flash player is just plain frustrating. I don't have a clue whats wrong.


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Go here:
Adobe - Adobe Flash Player
Click agree and install now. The next window will give you an option to save it. Accept this option and then run it from your hard disk

Go here:
Adobe - Adobe Flash Player
Click agree and install now. The next window will give you an option to save it. Accept this option and then run it from your hard disk
Thank you for the quick response. I tried your suggestion but I'm being told that my platform is not supported. I have tried this in both 32-bit and 64-bit IE. Going back to XP is starting to look real good about now.

There are 2 versions of Flash Player. One for Internet Explorer, and one for Firefox (Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Opera, & others). Try the following link and use the version for Windows Vista/XP/2003 - Internet Explorer, using the drop-down menus.

Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player

Gomjabbar, Tried your suggestion but I still get the "gold bar" response. Oh well, I'm sure Adobe will come out with a 64-bit version in the future that will work. I'm tired of messing with it. Thanks to all for your patience, responses, and suggestions.

If you have Internet Explorer closed, and you choose the Internet Explorer version of Flash Player while at the site using a different browser, such as Opera, Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc., then the file should download to your hard drive. Once on your hard drive, double-click on the file to run the program. After the install finishes, you should be able to use Flash in Internet Exporer.

I have Flash Player working fine in Windows 7 Beta 32-bit. Works in Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10 Alpha, and Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.1.14.

I see from the following thread that Flash only works with 32-bit browsers. Apparently though, you can use a 32-bit browser in a 64-bit version of Windows. BTW, I believe I have read this before in other forums.

Flash: Not Working With Internet Exprore 8 : Windows 7 Application Compatibility : Windows 7 Beta : Microsoft TechNet Forums

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Is there a way to get Adobe flash player or another flash player to work (if there is one) with Win7 x64, short of using a x32 browser and a x32 flash player?
I am going to load 7048 x64 tonight, and haven't heard it the problem is fixed yet. Sounds like an Adobe issue in that they need to update their software. I'm using Foxit for my reader if that matters.

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Any work around for the Adobe Flash player, or lack of a x64 one?
Is there another manufacture with a flash player that will work for x64?


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1) Adobe flash player doesn't work in IE8 64 bit (bit works ok in the standard IE8. Note on the 64 bit OS'es you have 2 entries for IE one for IE and the othet is IE (64 bit).

2) No gold bar at the top after installing flash player -- you just see the F thingy rotate at the top of the Adobe dialog.

3) easiest way to see if it's installed properly -- logon to the BBC web site and see if the little clock at the right hand side of the top (BBC title bar) is working.

BBC - Homepage


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