Adobe Flash vs. HTML5

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    The following link will only work for browsers that support HTML5 and Flash. Currently, the only browser not in beta that supports this is Google Chrome. The test will not work with some browsers.

    What is HTML5? Hypertext Markup Language 5 is the next version of the HTML (web standard). Some consider it to be in direct competition with Adobe Flash. These code geeks hope to show the world that both can work together, and fairly interestingly at that:

    Flash Vs HTML5

    * Remember, the test *may* not work with most current browsers.

    As a basic introduction to HTML5, this test also shows the challenges required by web developers to conform to the new standard while maintaining backwards compatibility. For example, on many HTML4 pages, there are some issues that have arisen as a direct consequence of adding HTML5 support (some code is apparently mistaken as being HTML5 when it is not).

    It is expected that full support for Internet Explorer 9, upon final release, and Google Chrome will be integrated into the over time. We anticipate this will take place as changes are refined and made.

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