Adobe Reader 10.0 Update breaks Symlink

I have had this issue several times although have only just worked out the cause.

I am running windows 7 with the system drive on an SSD drive. During install I created several Symlink directories to relocate them onto the large HDD.

Out of nowhere (i know), some application stop working, some shortcuts stop working and some apps stop working properly. I then discover that the Symlink for c:\program files (x86) is no longer a symlink but has reverted to a regular folder.

This happened again today and this time I was aware of the problem immediately. I realised I had just updated Adobe Reader 10.0 and after opening the c:\program files (x86)\ folder I discovered a subfolder system for adobe only.

I renamed this folder and recreated the Symlink. I was not able to copy all of the new adobe files from the old location to the Symlink location. I am not sure whether this will have broken Reader or reverted it back to the old version.

This is not an urgent issue more of an FYI. However it would be good if there was a solution as I am sure Reader will want to be updated again in 4-8 weeks.


I've taken to using Sumatra pdf ... see if it works for you.


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why divert from the default directory on install, syswow isn't that big, or is the SSD too small?

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