Windows 7 Adobe software (drivers/directx/windows)?


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Hi all,
I'v just installed newest release of 7 yesterday and today i'v installed Adobe creative suit. When i tryed to open something with Photoshop CS4 no images ar eshowing up. They'r open, but theres black screen in the place where should be image. Same with new file.
Can't play any videos in Premier too. Any suggestions?
Nvidia lastest drivers for Windows 7 and DirectX 11 i guess (automatically updated DirectX). Thanks for your reply.

*bump*. Any suggestions?
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vista drivers

This might not help at all but I had a different issue with my graphics drivers switching from vista 32 bit to win7 64 bit and I found a set of vista64 drivers floating around that I used while I was waiting for the new 7 drivers from nvidia. Adobe CS4 was beautiful on them. Maybe it could give you a better idea if its a driver issue or whatnot....
Which Vista drivers you was using? Maybe you could give me a link? THen i could try to install them on Windows 7.
I ment your exat drivers you'v downloaded... Anyways, i'v got lastest drivers for windows 7. What's yours? Maybe you'r using Vista's drivers?
Firstly I have Adobe Design Suite Premium CS4 installed on the RC (7100) and I have an nVidia 250 graphics card running with the latest Win7 beta graphics drivers from nVidia (version 185.81 Beta). I do not have any problems with any of the individual applications from the suite.

You said you have the 'latest' version of Windows 7 installed - which version is that.

I did have a few problems with version 7057 in that the rulers in Photoshop became corrupted with odd lines, but the images displayed fine. This problem disappeared on installing the RC version of Win7 and the latest Win7 beta nVidia drivers.
I'v got all the same. Which codecs do you have? Same problem was with no codes and now with windows 7 Shark's codec pack. Maybe the problem is somewhere else? Like i have DirectX from automatic Windows 7 installation. What else that could be?
I haven't added any extra Codecs, other than what was installed with the default installation of Win7 RC x64.

Did you do a clean installation or an upgrade - if it was an upgrade it could have brought in some older stuff from previous versions which just isn't compatible.

After installing the Design Suite, have you used the Adobe Updater to upgrade to the latest versions.

If you did an upgrade to Windows 7, perhaps a clean install will fix things - but if doing so don't forget to deactivate the suite and remove the serial number of the Suite before you do so.

Are you on the x64 or the x32 version of Windows?? I'm using the x64 bit version if that makes any difference (the video drivers will also be different of course).
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