Adobe working to sabotage HTML5


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Despite initial comments in support of HTML5 as an option standard, Adobe has taken action to sabotage the open specification in an effort to support its existing position with Flash.

Ian Hixie, a member of the HTML5 working group and an employee of Google, reported this week that "the latest publication of HTML5 is now blocked by Adobe, via an objection that has still not been made public (despite yesterday's promise to make it so)."

Hixie contrasted a series of comments from Adobe executives, including CEO Shantanu Narayen, who in 2009 said, "To the extent that an improved HTML standard accelerates innovation and consistent reach for web content, we’re very supportive."

Dave McCallister, an Adobe Evangelist, said last year that, "for Adobe, 'open' is all aspects of communications and technologies. For us, those are open source, standards, and community. [...] We make sure that we talk to our communities, that we play with the standards groups, [...] We are actually one of the most open companies that are active."

Earlier this month, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch said that “Adobe supports HTML and its evolution.”

Despite all these supportive public comments however, Adobe is now working to block the HTML5 specification, particularly in the realm of the canvas element. While HTML5 is often contrasted with Flash as a means for supporting video playback, the new HTML5 canvas element presents a direct threat to Flash as a way to add animation or navigation elements to a webpage.

The HTML5 canvas element also supports the creation of web games, advertisements, and other interactive content, a feature set that will make its adoption a direct threat to Adobe's Flash platform.

Adobe has been working to incite interest and talk about Flash, particularly on the iPhone, iPod touch and the new iPad, none of which support Flash.



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Just imagine what this will do for the Internet... no more downloading codec packages, annoying plugins, executing arbitrary Javascript here and there. They have every interest to see it fail or delayed for as long as humanly possible. Adobe Flash needs to be updated! Look how long they held onto PDF...


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Truthfully, I'm fed up will all of Adobe's programs.

The only one I haven't heard any problems with is Photoshop.

Check the Security Zone for problems (which are major) with Adobe's applications.

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Well except for their photo editing Adobe is just crap. Not to mention Abobe Reader, Flash etc are a constant open hole in your security because they so seldom patch exploits. If they are deeply involved it the development it's already sabotaged by their lack of concern on security and past incompetence.

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