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Dear everyone,
I have got a great problem regarding ADSL modem.I use Lenovo410 laptop,which has an ethernet card ,that windows says 'wanminiport'.I am thinking of connecting to internet by ADSL,but I dont know if I have to purchase a new ADSL modem,or this WanMiniport will work.Cant I insert the ADSL cable inside this miniport?Any suggestions?Plz>...


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WAN Miniports are software drivers, as to the port you refer to, it might be the firewire, a quick glance at the Lenovo site suggests it has WIFI natively built in so if you have wifi on router it shouldn't be too much trouble to setup.

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But I dont mean to connect by wireless.I am asking if I can insert the ADSL jack inside this port.And will it work?


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according to the spec sheet there is no adsl socket

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