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    Sorry - ignore - Mods can delete post as I just found the answer :) Put the search in quotes!
    Hi all
    I unfortunately "hard" deleted a folder I really needed but have thankfully managed to recover almost all of the files in it (nearly 2000 of them!!). The problem now is that in the process I have quite a few duplicates and with so many to work with, it would take me days if not weeks of wading through trying to spot them for deleting again. :frown:

    As the vast majority have been renamed xxx_1.jpg I'd hoped it would be a matter of simply looking for all the files with a _1 suffix but unfortunately not - because many of the files were already named as numbers (all graphics) the searches are just bringing up everything with a #1 in the fliename. Admittedly it does cut the volume down from maybe 700 odd to 500 or so, but still way too many for me to spend time on.

    So I wondered if there's a better way of doing the search or alternatively if you know of any other program I could download to try on it?

    Thanks :cool:
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