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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by Freak4Dell, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I want to share media files with my roommates. I can set up the sharing permissions easily enough.

    However, I want to be able to share other folders on my computer so that I can access them from my netbook. I don't want my friends accessing these folders though. Is there a way I can password protect certain folders, but leave other ones open for anybody to access?
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    The simple answer is yes.
    To keep it simple adjust share permissions to everyone full control (folder properties, sharing tab, Advanced Sharing button, share this folder.
    Then set your actual NTFS permission to be as granular as you would like using the Security Tab and making sure that you add the user(s) that you want to have a certain level of access to a folder as you desire. Keep in mind that NTFS permissions impact both local users (users who are setting at the machine) as well as users who are comming at you over the network. Most restrictive permissions win. Be careful about removing users or user groups as well as setting anything to deny, deny wins always.
    It is often easier to assign permissions based on group membership, so make sure your account is a member of the administrators group (only) and make sure that that group always has full control to your shares. Then add the limited users to the plain old "Users" group and assign the limited access to it (Users). An additional reference that may help, Share and NTFS Permissions on a File Server

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