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May 6, 2009
I was wondering what others have experinced with this. The first time I ran it under Win 7 7127, it found 78 System Optimisations, and 6350 Security Defense isuses;!! Even if half of them are false positievs, that is unbeleiveable! :eek:

I really would not trust this program whatsoever.

I just ran the Pro version on my Windows 7 machine. I have 84 system optimazations found and 5228 Security Defense problems found.

These Security Defense is a total joke. It just lists the various types of malware that exist out in the wild. It's supposedly giving you protection from these. If you have a good anti-virus program, spyware detector and personal firewall, there is no need for this.Also, it detected a dll of mine as a porn pop up. This is absolutely false and if I was to remove it I would break the program and it would not start.

I'd go so far as to state if you fixed all these so-called problems Windows would not even boot.

I never belied in these "optimization" programs either, especially when they want to modify Windows services. These services have changed in Windows 7 and this is an possible way to prevent the computer from booting.
I agree somewhat. Under Vista it seems to find some regisrty errors after they have been cleaned, after Vista has re-created them after rebooting. But given the shear number of reports Security Defense findings in Win 7, I think it is safe to say that at least some of them are legit. Even if 3/4's of them are false positives, it speaks volumes that MS STILL hasn't gotten the secuirty think right. So I will take it's findings with a grain of salt, but where there is SO MUCh smoke, there IS fire.

As I stated above the Security Defense findings are simply thousands of malware and spyware related entries that exist everywhere. It's not a list of problems on your computer.

Anyone that installs this program will get a huge number under that category.

As for
it speaks volumes that MS STILL hasn't gotten the security think right

Not true whatsoever. there are many security enhancements in Windows 7.
I will look into the security defense thing some more, and I agree with you on the secuirity improvements. The performance increases are awesome too. :) And I know this is still "beta".
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