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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Fred44, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    I finally got rid of the Norton Security suite (the hard way). Actually I was having some other issues with my new HP Vista machine mainly from not knowing what I was doing on the initial setup, so I did a complete system recovery and started from scratch. this time when Norton tried to install on my PC I said "no" and ran their on uninstaller program. It seems to have worked, because I've seen no trace of a Norton icon, etc. My ISP (Comcast) offers the McAfee internet security as part of their program, so I installed it. So far so good..doesn't seem nearly as intrusive as the Norton. However, I was wondering igf there were any McAffe users who could give me some advice on tweaking the program. WhenI get e-mail I have to click the brown bar at the top of the screen to receive pictures (don't know if this is the McAfe or something on windows Defender). Just wondering if anyone had any advice on configuring Mcafee so it's effective but as unintrusive as possible. thanks.
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    i didnt think mcafee and windows defender would run together. on my daughters system (vista 32-bit) i had to disable windows defender at startup so it wouldnt keep generating error messages.
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    I'd get rid of Mcafee, it comes in 2nd for the worst virus scan/ security products.

    For Bottom,. did you download the Norton Removal Tool?
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    sorry But I agree with reghakr both Norton security (AKA Snortons because its always asleep when it hits the fan) and McAfee (AKA Mcstuffies because of overly complicated design) are not the best when it comes to Anti virus/malware both turn windows defender off aswell as the built in firewall even Microsofts own MSE beats either of them and it's free to boot ...

    as to your problem it's an feature of either Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail it's to help stop infected pictures running code in the background you can however turn it off although not recommended

    1: open windows mail or windows live mail
    2: click on the tools tab
    3: select Safety Options in the drop down menu
    4: click the Security tab
    5: untick the box >> Block Images and Other external Content in HTML e-mail
    6: click Apply then OK and your done

    for home use on a single PC or small home network use of 2 or more PCs I recommend
    Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira AntiVir, Avast Home user, AVG free edition (in that order)
    Windows Firewall (perfectly fine for home use much better than winxp's version)

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