Adware removal?

So i got back home from the beach from a school field trip this weekend and my nephew was home all day i let him use my computer and he tried downloading a game on my computer illegally but instead he got a bunch of adware and who knows what else this computer might hold now. There's adware in my Google chrome and on the computer, when i start up my computer it opens up a new browser saying i have viruses and i need to call a specific number to get help/service(this is probably a scam). The browser doesn't show on my taskbar nor does it show on the task manager so i can't close nor click 'end task'. I've tried everything, "add/uninstall a program", deleting extensions, deleting the latest downloaded files on my computer, all those yet i haven't found the adware or virus. Also i prefer not to reset my computer and i haven't backed up my computer in ages.

Hello elusive,
Download malwarebytes
and run it on your pc.. it remove the malwares..


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These are the programs I use to generally delouse a computer with virus and or malware issues.
ADWcleaner from here
JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) from here
Norton Power Eraser from here
Malwarebytes from here
Ccleaner from here
TFC.exe (Temporary Files Cleaner) from here
ESET Online Scanner from here
Eset online scanner is a bit different than the others in that you need to either use
IE or download and run their smart installer if you're using another browser. Then tick
the radio button that says "Enable detection of potentiall unwanted application"
Then click the link that says "Advanced settings", then check all the boxes except the
one that mentions "Use custom proxy settings", unless of course you're using a Proxy
Server. Then just click "Start", it will do a thorough system scan so it takes a long
I don't check the links above everyday, so if you have any problem with any one of them then just Google for the program name but use the site names that I have recommended since I'm relatively certain they are free of extraneous garbage.

Sir thank you so much for this. I just did a scan right now and all the adware is gone, but i still have a problem, when i start up my computer a download file pops up asks me to run a file.


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Windows Logo Key + R
and type
Hit enter
Select the "Start Up" tab and then select
disable all
Click OK and when prompted reboot your computer.
If you don't see the issue appear then the problem is one of your startup items and you'll need to investigate by examining them individually to determine which one it is.

omg problems are popping up one after another. I have another problem now, certain apps (mostly games) that i have up running will flicker or blink really fast when i click constantly or even if i just move the mouse around it'll flicker once in a while, as if it was going to close the program or get 'minimized/maximized'. Whenever it blinks it'll quickly say on the top that the program is (Not Responding).

It took me a while to screenshot that picture because it appears literally less than a millisecond. It's hard to explain what the problem is, it's getting really annoying :(

Thank you for your time though, this forums is really grateful to have you!


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Use a adware removal tool such as AdwCleaner. :)

I've tried and the problem still persists. When i use those removal tools, the adware stops for a day or two then comes back the next day.


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Try Rogue Killer from here
Let it finish its' preliminary scan, then read the prompts, when it is ready it will tell you to click the scan button.
Sort through what it finds, you may want to accept the defaults or not.... then click the delete button.

Some malware can regenerate itself from various locations.....
Temp files, so I recommend Ccleaner as well as TFC both in my links above.
As well as from your System Restore points. You may want to clean those up and then generate a new one manually after cleaning.
Delete a restore point - Windows Help
choose your OS

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