Windows 7 Aero and Gadgets

Howard Walker

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I installed win 7 on a new 64 bit machine. Most of it seems to work, but the aero functions do not do what they are supposed to. Shake does nothing at all so what is the point of it? I set up around 10 windows and I cannot see anything different happening when I click on one. It just comes to the front like it does in XP. Perhaps that was different in Vista?
Snap does nothing that I can see. I have installed the English theme as instructed, but when I click on the end of the bottom bar, the windows just disappear like they do in XP when you click on the show desktop icon. They do go opaque first however.

Gadgets - the instructions say to right click on the desktop and click on the gadgets link to see which ones are available. Fine, but there is no gadgets link on my copy. So I downloaded a few gadgets from the windows site. Windows does not know how to install them, and neither does the web search find a way to do it. The files are of type "gadget file"
Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it just me?


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Your hardware may not have aero support... but try this first:

Click "Start" and type and enter "ap" to enter the appearance menu.
Click "best performance" then go back to "Let Windows choose.."

Howard Walker

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That fixed it!

What more can I say but thanks!

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