Windows 7 aero corruption issue


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Hey guys using the beta build and periodically the shell/window manager/aero will become corrupted and takes on random colors

it also happens usually if i am looking at a photo and once i close it some of the photo is still stuck under the aero interface

has anyone else had this issue?

Maybe not. I have not seen similar issues on the forum.
What hardware are you running? And which drivers?
Clean install, or upgrade from (which version of) Vista?
You don't give any details, except for your problem.

Personally, I have no video issues at all. And I am running some rather dated hardware - an Nvidia 6800 on a 3 year old HP computer.
I found a quick solution to this: basically go to your themes and pick one that is not aero equipt then change back to aero.

next time it happens ill take a screen cap so you can see what im talking about

build 7000 btw new comp using the win7 vid drivers perhaps i should install the nvidia ones

Ill wait to do that until it happens again so i can screen cap it for you guys