Windows 7 aero disable


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I have noticed that the situation for aero is different than vista. There no longer is a tab getting you to classic, default vista, etc for themes.

I work in a DAW environment mostly and need to disable aero to get rid of the pops/clicks, how do you disable it in 7?


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I dont know why you'd want to get rid of aero. I cant stand windows without it. haha but anyways aero can be disabled by right clicking in the desktop and selecting personalize. then scroll down a bit and you should see windows 7 basic. that will git rid of the aero i believe. Now the sound is quite simple too. Right click on the sound icon in the task bar (or type "system sounds" in the start menu) and then select under sound scheme "no sounds". that should disable all clicks and stuff within windows.


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thanks for the reply.

Oh, I hate the idea of ditching the good looks, it's just something that daw guys supposedly have to do:rolleyes: I could also increase the buffer size, but who wants to do that!:D

yeah, so far that seems to help

I can run the previously slight/click/pop software for a few minutes now without.........I'll keep my fingers crossed:)
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