Windows 7 Aero help


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Few days ago, i posted in this forums my problem that i couldn't put 75hz in 1280x1024 resolution.
I solved this installing XP Video Drivers in windows 7
All fine, exept that the Aero is desactivated and i don't know how i can activate it again.

In the registry of windows i have:


Composition = 1
CompositionPolicy = 2

Aero was enabled before i install the Xp video Drivers

Thanks for all :razz::D


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There have been many problems reported with XP video card drivers not working with the aero feature. Can you find a VISTA driver and see if that works?


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Did you try to uncheck the check box "display only modes this monitor supports" and than set to 75hz manualy?


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Yes, but nothing happens
Anyway, i think that is driver problem, so just I must wait until a new version of the drivers :)