Aero is doing weird

I'm completely new to this forum.
I have a stupid annoying problem with the windows seven taskbar. I don't know how to call it but his is what is happening:

* Normally, when you hover the start orb it gives you a sunrise (i mean the lights from the bulb light up slowly).
Right now, it just gives the final position in one instance.

* Aero peek, the ability to see your window by leaving your mouse on the icon is the same thing. Bam, suddenly it is there instead of going up from below the taksbar. Also if there are two icons near each other, en you go with your mouse to the other icon, the Aero peak little window slides from the with you. It's not sliding, but is suddenly there.

* An open program: when you hover your mouse, it displays the main color of the icon (for example: Opera icon is read when hovered)
That's working. BUT: it is not moving, as your mouse hovers the open program from the left to the right, the central light stays in the middle.

I can't try system restore because I accidentally turned it off and there are no restore points anymore.
Please help me...



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Hi Martino,
welcome to the forum.

Firstly is your security system ok? Have you checked for virus's and malware? If so a couple of things you could try is:

Right-click on cmd prompt and run as admin.
sfc /scannow
Press enter and the file checker will run through hopefully fixing any corruption it finds.
Press F8 whilst booting and choose from the advanced boot menu 'Last good known configuration'.

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I'm running the sfc /scannow right now.
I just saw that I cant enable security center. I don't know what it is in english, but it's the white flag icon.
It says: enable windows security center (important). When I click on that it gives me the error:
" the windows security center can't be started "
What do I have to do?



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Thanks for the update. You indeed had a virus.

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