Aero Peek tick-box MISSING + other problems

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    Dear All,

    I bought a copy of Windows 7 on a UK student deal, paid, got the link and order confirmation, carried out a clean installation with no problems. The problems came after. I would be very grateful if you guys could offer some advice on any of the following issues:

    1) I have heard a lot about the Aero technology in Windows 7. After installing Windows 7 it didn't work. As you can see in the screen shot attached, instead of Aero Preview I get the boring old boxes of open apps. Having looked for a solution online I went to Visual Effects in Performance Options only to NOT find the Aero Preview tick-box. Any ideas on where it could have gone?

    2) My Windows button does not work too well. I found a list of shortcuts here: The Master List of New Windows 7 Shortcuts - Windows - Lifehacker, but only some of them work for me. For example my windows do not dock to edges of he screen, or maximise when dragged to the top. Win+(+/-) doesn't do what it should - (+) opens the magnifier, while (-) does nothing at all. Also Win+Space does not let me see the desktop. Actually, holding my mouse over Show Desktop rectangle at the right edge of my task bar does not show the desktop either. If I click it, all windows are minimised though. I guess all this goes back to the Aero problem...

    3) Jump lists do not work for most apps. Open Office and Firefox - life and soul of any student because they are free and work well - don't have jump lists. This is particularly annoying with Open Office. Is it the application issue, or to do with my OS?

    EDIT: Oh yeah, also, right-clicking on my desktop does not change the wallpaper to the next one in the rotation. I seem to be missing out on most of the hyped up features of Windows 7...

    Sorry for a lengthy post. I really hope you guys will find time to help me out here and thank you in advance.

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    You haven't actually enabled Aero yet. By the look of your picture the taskbar isn't transparent, thus Aero isn't active. Hence why you have no 'Peek', and some of this relates to your second point too as you mentioned. Have a look here, should help!

    Jump lists simply aren't enabled for most apps yet, we just have to wait :)

    I don't remember ever hearing about this right-click to cycle through wallpapers before?

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