Aero snap cut off half of WMP 12 video

Why does Aero snap cut off half the Windows Media player 12 video?

-dual sreen display is not on.


When i snap videos up or to the left it maximizes.

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Hi Lindbert,
snapping video's up will maximise them so no problems there. Now snapping to the left or right (this can actually take some practice to get just right) will snap the player to half of the screen although the video should still be central. See my screenshots:

View attachment 11587 View attachment 11588

Now when I look at the image you have provided are you sure it has actually snapped correctly? The reason I ask is that I see various other stuff open but not minimised. Now if you shake an image to 'snap it' it will usually minimise all other open pages ect so I just wonder if this is the problem. Have you tried snapping when media player is the only thing open?


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At least for me AeroSnap doesn't work with Windows Medea Player.
Even if I don't have a video open, I can't use snap to reformat the window to either side.

It will work to maximize the window if I snap to the top.

I don't know if it is intentionality protected for some reason or if it is a glitch.



I have the same problem as Lindbert. I've found that snapping with media player classic or other players is fine, but in WMP12 it won't snap correctly. Snapping to the top of the screen does maximise the window, but dragging the window back down it does not revert to its previous size. In other words you have a full screen WMP window, that is not technically 'maximised'.

When snapping to the left side of the screen, it sticks to the top left corner but will not resize the window to fill that half of the screen, so small windows remain small and large windows remain large. The same happens when snapping to the right side of the screen, but the top left corner of the WMP window sticks to the top and exact center of the monitor. So it looks like it's attempting to fill the right side of the screen, but again the window does not resize. This means if the width of the WMP video was less than 1/2 the width of the screen, it wont fill that half, and if the width was larger than 1/2 the width of the screen, it will 'run off' the edge of the screen causing the cut-off that Lindbert mentioned.

Would love a resolution to this, other than switching video programs.
If it makes any difference, im using:
WMP 12.0.7601.17514
Win 7 Ultimate -64 bit v. 6.1.7601 with service pack 1

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