Aero switches off when changing theme

So when I try to change current theme to another, after switch aero seems to go off and glass effects disappear. I also can't edit colors of window bars since it then shows only settings which work with Windows traditional look, i.e. not that color mixer etc.

I googled some instructions and managed to check some things and it seems like the problem is that DWM (desktop window manager) is disabled after theme change. So how I could fix it so that DWM doesn't close and therefore computer could run Aero other than rebooting system?

My specs are:
CPU: Intel i3-350M
VGA: Nvidia Geforce GT 325M, VRAM 1GB
Memory: 4GB
OS: Win7 Home premium 64bit

Thank you :)

Hello and welcome.

If you're having issues with DWM, that is almost assuredly malware in action or your copy of Windows isn't from an official source. I've seen it over and over again.

Download/install/run/update definitions in free software called Malwarebytes. Then let it scan your system and remove everything it finds.

Then open an elevated command prompt. Type this then press enter: sfc /scannow

When that's all done, install the latest video card driver: NVIDIA


If you are trying to use any 3rd party themes, they may require Windows to be hacked with respect to 3 operating system files. If this is the case, you'll have to figure that one out.

If this is happening to Windows installed themes, the above will help you.

Thanks a lot! Malware byte found one dubious program which I deleted. Thanks for reminding to download Malware byte and to update Nvidia drivers too! Were things I forgot to do with this rather new computer :)

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