Aero theme not working on Domain account


I have a query about the aero theme where it is not loading on a couple of our PC's at work.
It appears to work when logged in as a local administrator however when we login using a domain accounts with elevated IT rights we only get a grey classic start menu and none of the graphics - our PCs are up to Spec - DELL Optiplex 390's with 4GB ram Core i3 CPU's.

I have noticed that it does appear to work for some other IT admins that have more permissions than I do however we are not too sure what is causing them to be able to have the AERO theme but not myself or my Service Desk manager.

I think this must be set somewhere in GPO?? Can we get aero working for all users?

We are still testing W7 at the moment before we roll it out across our organisation however this would be useful to get nailed on the head before hand.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you.

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