Hi all ,
I'm having windows 8 single language.
if I download any aero or glass theme it doesn't works in it.
can anyone help me to get the glass theme.

I am thinking of something like this one.

As far as I know...Aero is not natively supported in windows 8. However, in windows 8.1 RTM, which is due to release sometime at the end of October, Aero is infact re-introduced in the OS. I can't remember if Aero was working in 8.1 Preview or not. I can confirm, personally that it works in the RTM version. RTM = Release to Manufacturers...the retail giants that build PC', Dell, HP and so on.

ok. but I really want glass theme .

Can any update do this.?

There might be some 3rd party software out there that will allow you to that, but I've not looked nor know of any? You could Google around and see what you find.

I cant find.
if you found or know any . please post it .

Have a look at this....



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Also worth checking that you have the latest graphics drivers installed, as these have been known to cause issues with the aero interface in the past. As bassfisher mentioned though, aero changed significantly in Windows 8 (it's actually not transparent, just kind of a glazed colour). So the fact that your desktop is showing transparency is strange.


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I miss aero too, but I personally think you should wait until 8.1 goes final on Oct 18 instead of using any 3rd party tools - just to ensure 8.1 installs properly.

As for the Start button, I've been using Start8 to restore the start button and to boot me directly to the Desktop - I do NOT like the "Metro" tile start screen one bit.

Start8 seems to work well, however, it is not free. It cost $5 which is not much, and to me, worth it.


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I cant find.
if you found or know any . please post it .
I came across WindowBlinds themes recently while browsing the net. I haven't tried it but I understand it has some Aero themes as well. You might want to google it up.



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Try this. Be forewarned, you need to put it in your startup folder.


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