After every restart, windows open maximized and "restore" to small size in upper-left corner.

I'm used to W7 remembering the last known positions of all of my open windows, but lately (and I can't recall what change may have prompted this) every window opens in a maximized state, and upon restoring it, always sizes down to the default window size, jammed right into the upper-left corner of the screen.

Google Chrome windows, Spotify, iTunes, InDesign, everything.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Not me but, if, windows are made the desired size & closed, they will reopen to that size (& position)


Yeah, I've tried that many a time. It always seems to get reset after a restart.

That can happen. Just redo it... shouldn't be rebooting very often, anyway. :)



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If you are using the snap-to option to set the window size, it will not be remembered.

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