After installing recent updates--no internet and no sound


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Hey, people of Windows 7 Forums. :) I wasn't really sure where to post this question, but basically, I've had a Gateway desktop for about a month now. I've had no problems with it until today. I put the computer on sleep for a couple hours, woke it up, it said I had 11 updates...I shut down the computer and allowed them to install.

When I restarted the computer, suddenly, my computer will not allow me to connect to the internet, whether by wireless or ethernet. And it no longer recognizes that there is any audio device installed. :mad:

Nothing like this was happening yesterday or any day before. I've restarted the computer several times to no avail. I have Linux installed on a different hard drive in the computer and Linux runs fine--the internet and sound both work.

So the problem seems to be with Windows. But it could be the hard drive (although it loads fine and I can access all my files and programs, just no sound and no internet. Additionally, I have a touch-screen and the touch-screen was not working either, it was causing the cursor to go haywire on the screen so I had to unhook the USB from the monitor.)

Any ideas? :confused:

ALSO: Does anyone know what the recent updates were? I update my computer pretty frequently, so it surprised me to see 11 today. Were there even any recent updates or is my computer just that far gone...?

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The 11 updates, I believe, were just about normal for everyone.

Have you checked to see if you got any hardware updates?

Have you tried a system restore to before the updates were done?

Have you done a cold boot to wipe anything that might be hanging in memory?

I would check my updates, but I just installed a new motherboard, so they will not be the same as yours.


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Alright, I did a system restore and the internet and sound are back. I also installed the updates again and don't seem to be having any issues with them.

It looks like the problem is with the touch-screen itself. When I have the USB plugged into the monitor, I get a "ding" sound every few seconds and a plus-sign is typed non-stop on any typeable screen. So the touch-screen's on the fritz, but that's another question for another forum. :|

I'm not sure if that caused the problem I had somehow, but the internet and sound problem are gone. :)

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