after installing win 7 only boots in vga or safe mode


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first i tried to install with my graphics card ATI ASUS EAH4350,but i couldnt install win 7. it stopped when "starting for first use" message.

but i found solution to install Windows 7 in vga mode and it worked.

then again i put my graphics card and started win 7. it automatically installed vga driver and asked me to restart before i install ati catalyst driver from cd.after restarting when black screen comes before "win 7 welcome screen" it freezes with mouse pointer.

i have been searching many forums,but found no solution. it only starts in vga mode or safe mode.

by the way i have win xp as well in c drive nad installed win 7 in h drive.

please respond.



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Are you using the latest catalyst drivers for Win 7 that might need to be downloaded?


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Glad to hear you got the problem solved! :) Have you ever used Driver Cleaner before this issue? I only ask because I've only heard bad about that app but apparently it can't be that bad if it worked in this instance.. ;)