After Login Desktop Icons White/Blank Says Can't Open This Item...


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I was hoping to find help with this issue. I think I may have been infected by a virus or something. I rebooted my computer after it began to slow down, and upon reboot, all my desktop icons were white/blank. I double clicked a couple of icons and a message popped up reading "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action..." Went to Google but the "solutions" I found were mostly referring to the programs started but the icons were just blank and resetting the icon file or something like that. The only program that I have been able to start is Task Manager in Regular mode, but can't open or create a new task. In safe mode I can open regedit and found a few registry tweaks to try and was able to import the first one, but after that got a message saying "the specified file is not a registry file..." I also tried to repair, and restore but Windows couldn't repair, and there wasn't a restore point available. Hoping to not have to reinstall. Anyone familiar with this issue and what can I do? Thanks in advance.


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i had same problem a while ago i done a system restore and everything has been fine since, if windows cant find a restore point you may have to reinstall the operating system you may be lucky and be able to use a program that resets the icon cache go to this site
it is a good help site for windows 7. may i suggest you try the software tune up utilities TuneUp Utilities 2010
it does lots to your system it has a trial of a month for free and if you look on ebay there was a guy selling the keys for £4.00!!!

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Most probably your LNK association is broken. Are you able to strat the Explorer using CTRL+E key combination? And then are you able to start an application by browsing through the Explorer? If the answers are YES, then most probably your operating system is not rotten yet and in a good condition. I think, in this case, Googling for "Fix Windows LNK association" should resolve your trouble.

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