after notebook mobile use cannot connect to internet

When I come home and plug my notebook in my broadband internet
from hybernation there is no internet connection.
I have tried to reboot the internet modem but still there is no connection.
I have tried to reboot my Netgear but no connection occurs.
In this case I have to do a reboot. Only then do I get my internet connection back.
Is there a way to get my internet connection back from hybernation without a
Thank you.


Noob Whisperer
Not sure....probably not, but here's a couple things you might try, if you haven't already:
Open device manager, expand network adapters, select the problem adapter, right click and choose properties, under the power management tab at the top of the dialog box, try unchecking the box next to the "Allow computer to turn of this device to save power"
Also in the power options applet in the control panel, select the plan you are using "Change plan settings" link
Then on the next page choose the "Change advanced power settings" link
Under wireless adapter settings change to "Maximum Performance" for both plugged and battery
See if that helps at all

very very nice

Thank you
Your first option worked.
Now if I hibernate take the broadband cable out and switch on and
off I get a sun on the network icon.
In this sense I can plug the broadband in anytime and get immediate
internet access.
Before I got an exclamation mark.


Noob Whisperer
Good to know. Thanks for posting back.

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