After several MS updates Kensingston Expert Mouse ceased working, cant install software

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    Sep 8, 2011
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    Thank you,
    Win 7 64 sp1
    I have been using Kensingston's Expert Mouse Model# K64325. After some Windows updates plus installing Silverlight and reboots the mouse ceased working.
    Uninstalled the software, reboot. Tried to install the Kensingston software: showed to be for Win 7 64. I would not install.
    Unverified signature. error (58).
    After trying the uninstall and installing some older software that also was for Win 7 64, the mouse still did not work.
    I went back several restore points and tried to install again. Nope.
    Uninstalled Silverlight, still Kensingstion Software did not install.
    Tested the Expert Mouse in another compter, Win XP Pro Sp2, worked fine.

    I am disabled in a way that I have to use my left hand and a track ball. This one is the best, I love it and cant use it.

    I know this happened after downloading some updates for Win 7 64. All found automatically by Windows Update.

    One of the restarts and that was it, no Expert Mouse.

    Your guidance and help are desperately needed.

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