After turned kitchen - fuse tripped - power outage - question pc


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Somebody said:", I would think the monitor has suffered a voltage spike or even under voltage and maybe damaged. If the monitor keeps reverting to a lower refresh rate when turning it on after a period of time of being off or after the power goes out repeatedly it could be only the beginning of problems especially the keeps dropping out inexplicably."

So what now something with my monitor if he said this?


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lol 2 pages. Thank you for replies. Also this will be my last question.

When i tried to reproduce issue , i cutted few times power and i cant reproduce. Pc booting ,shutdown,restarting with 144hz still.

So it was related to that outage because fuse blown or just random glitch ?
Is this because fuse blowed or that doesnt matter ?

But like i said i tried to reproduce this by cutting power from power cord and i am not able reprodue. So it was related to that outage when fuse was blown or just coincidence and fuse doesnt matter?

To be more precised. My mother turned on oven in kitchen, and bulb inside oven melted. Fuse of course blown and i got that power outage.​