Windows 7 After windows 7 loads to blue screen NOTHING


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Jun 8, 2009
i made 6 discs all at low speeds 4x with different programs, when i boot from disk it says loading windows and it loads a bunch of files, then i get the windows 7 loading screen and what seems to be a desktop with no icons (Blue) then it stops and Nothing.
What could i be doing wrong?
Old computer, but im sure it meets the specs
Dell dimension 3000
pentium 4 3.0 with HT
2 gigs ram
Geforce fx 5200 (PCI) <~~i know junk card but it works for my needs.
Windows XP SP3 32 bit.

I downloaded the 32 bit windows 7 from MS

Any help would be great
are you doing this because lack of dvd burner? So if I'm reading this right, you get to the end of Installation, and you see the windows seven blue but it just seems to hang there?
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I finally said screw it and got to the blue screen (Windows 7) and left it alone and walked away, sure enough i come back 15-20 minutes later the setup was there and i am using it as we speak..So far this is awesome and i love it, Very smooth transaction and options are awesome.
I guess my issue is patience. When you get to the blue load screen and it looks like the DVD is no longer loading, just wait!!!..
Hey I just registered and came onto this forum to post the same problem! I'll go be patient to :D

Yes i made 5 discs at different speeds and i had no patience, once i got to the blue desktop screen with flower or bird after windows loaded i got impatient looked at the desc drive and seen it stopped, so i thought it wasnt loading, but i said screw it, im gonna leave it alone and go take a #2 ..LOL when i came out after say 10-15 minutes the screeen was loaded with the options menu.....Glad i waited cause this is awesome so far.... a good add on for windows 7 is Stardock ObjectDock
Well patience is a virtue as they say, and I now have a fully operational windows 7 RC O.S.> on my new PC, no problems at all so far, works like adream - i'll check out that add-on to - this thread should be stickied for the impatient!!! :D
I am patient - but the first time i installed Win 7, i was very close to rebooting the machine, cause i thought it was stuck.. Now, after 3 months with Win 7, i learned that the longest you will ever have to wait for Win 7, is during the initial installation :D :D
I found that to be true also

The installaton of Windows 7 is the only part that you have to wait a short while for. Windows itself is nice and fast
You just need to be patient. I flipped out twice over it appearing to be hung up at the blue screen. Finally I got on my laptop and I was just letting it sit while I looked online for some type of solution. When I looked up there was a screen prompting me to select a language. There was another good wait for me as it was at "Setup is starting" it finally got on with the rest of it. Total time was an hour and a half. I'm 99% sure it was just the speed of my DVD drive. It is really outdated and all the other components of the PC are new.

AMD Black edition quad core AM3 socket.
4GB Ram PC1666
ATI HD4650
I've been having a similar problem, but possibly the same one. I load to the blue screen after booting with the disc and there is nothing but the background image. For a little while, I can still move my mouse around. However, after waiting a minute or so, it seemingly locks up and I am unable to move my mouse.

Can anyone shed any light on this matter? Any help would be appreciated.
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