Agenda Circling Forth GPU Particle demo

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    Agenda Circling Forth GPU particle demo download from

    Software Description
    This demo won 1st place at the Breakpoint 2010 party. This demo is simply mind blowing! This group did a demo consisting completely of particles. Not a single polygon is in this just particles and millions of them.

    Just a warning this thing will could rape your GPU, he I had to run it at 1280x800 on a GTX260 to keep the framerate around ~20-25fps. It kept my GPU at 99% the entire time, its very GPU limited as far as performance.
    Agenda Circling Forth
    by CNCDvsFairlight art house productions inc

    Requires Directx 9.0c, GeForce 260 / Radeon 4850 or better. Must be PS 3.0 card

    Credit -

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