Hello all, new member here.

I have been using the Windows 7 RC for about 3 months, dual booting with XP on another disk. XP was on a RAID0 array on my P5Q Pro through ASUS DriveXpert, allowing the drive configuration to be set to ATA. After reading that I would get better performance if I used the ICH10R controller, I moved the RAID array over. This of course meant that both operating systems would need AHCI drivers.

While I could do a repair installation of XP and injecting the drivers (installing the Intel matrix drivers didn't seem to be enough), I am unable to boot 7. Due to the new recovery tools I am unable to inject the drivers through a repair installation and I do not like the idea of reformatting.

I have the AHCI drivers installed on Windows 7, but have read elsewhere that I need to enable them in the registry. In the recovery tools command line I can run Regedit, but can only access the registry of the temporary windows drive, and not my 7 installation registry. I have downloaded the Ultimate Boot CD For Windows, but that was only yesterday so I have been unable to try it.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, I'm starting to miss the benefits of the OS already, and it has my only working copy of Fallout 3 installed on it.


UBCD should give you access to the registry to fix this.
I personally have not had this problem cause I have never changed to AHCI or RAID from Legacy mode.
Generally, it is not a good idea to do that. As you can see.

You may have no other choice but to reload.


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You may have no other choice but to reload.
I would say almost definitely. I think in the long run it will just be easier to reformat. Also those type of drivers really need to uploaded correctly..

I was going to add that,,, by trying to repair this type of problem, it could create other instability problems.
It is just the nature of AHCI and RAID settings, which are slightly different btw.

Thanks for the advice, I'll hunt down the installation disc. To be honest there isn't much on the disk, the only things I want are a few photoshop images and my fallout 3 save. I'm looking at pre-ordering 7 Ultimate in the very near future so it might not be long before I reformat again.


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