AIM icon not on taskbar

I upgraded from Vista to Windows7. I have AOL Instant Messenger set to start up when Windows starts.
When I closed AIM under Vista, the AOL icon appeared on the taskbar. Now, under Windows7, when I
close the AIM buddy list and AIM is still running in the background, there is no AIM icon on the Windows7
task bar. So I have no way of knowing if it is running. Is there a way to fix this and have the icon on the

Solved, but still a question

Okay, I found the icon among the "Hidden Icons", but why is it there instead of being on the task bar as a larger icon, like my Firefox icon, for example? What gets hidden, and what gets displayed in larger icons?


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Click the little up pointing arrow on the taskbar then click Customize. Find AIM there and select "Show icon and notifications". Click Ok. Your AIM icon will show in the notification area.

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