Air compressor for PC cleaning


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Hey guys!

For years, I always had a compressed can of air which I use to clean my PC about once a week. I'm looking to get an electrical air compressor (which would save lots of money) and was wondering if you guys can suggest cheap ones that get the job done. These are 2 I saw for under $100:

1. Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster 120-Volt: Home Improvement

2. 1-Gal. Portable Electric Air Compressor-VNP0000101 at The Home Depot

What do you guys use?

I've used air compressors for blowing dust bunnies out of PC's for over 20 years. The air compressor has a pretty good home made air dryer setup, so we don't have to worry about massive condensation.

You could use an air compressor as well. I wouldn't advise using an air compressor without at least having some form of dryer to remove condensation. There are cheap dryers that do a decent job at removing moisture, while others cost a fortune but are required for their implimentation. I think you would be fine using a cheap dryer such as the CraftsmanHeavy Duty Air Line Filter.

Another thing to think about:
I've never used canned air but the size of the can suggest that the can may not use as much force as an air compressor. With an air compressor you will want to blow from a distance away from all fans or electronic components. Word of caution, the little squirrel cage fans in some of the GPU's will explode if you spin them too fast.


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That looks neat. Is it the one you use? Does it have like a tube that you can bend into the PC for getting into small places? It's not in the picture.

The dryer would be connected as close to the compressor as possible. Your air blower and hose would connect into the dryer.

The way a dryer works is it creates a cyclone effect inside which makes moisture stick to the outer edge of the trap through centrifugal force. There is a bleeder on the bottom to empty the water build.

You would use CraftsmanQuick-Change Blow Gun Kit (or something similar) for blowing out the dust bunnies.

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