Windows 7 Album Art - Appears in WMC, not in WMP 12


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I am having a generally positive experience with the Windows 7 Beta. However, I am experiencing the most baffling of issues, which hopefully I can get resolved. I ripped my small CD collection to the hard drive on my computer, using WMP 12. I checked all the boxes to ensure that the information was pulled down from the internet (much as I did in WMP 11) so that I would have all the correct ID3 tags, album art, etc.

I soon noticed that none of the ripped albums contained album art. When a song is played, a small album art (the actual album art/correct picture) appears in the bottom left hand corner, but the main icon for the folder remains blank. I cannot seem to force it to downloand/display the album art as it always did in WMP11.

However, album art is downloaded and in full effect if I launch Media Center. Any clues as to what could be causing this? Btw, I am using the 64-bit version.
I'm having this problem too. I could not download the album art, but I found a way to show the art. Just search in Google for the album art, save, and drag it to the place where it should be in WMP. It worked for me.