Alien 'killer' shrimp found in UK

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    An invasive species of predatory shrimp has been found in the UK for the first time.
    The animal was spotted by anglers at the Grafham Water reservoir in Cambridgeshire and sent to the Environment Agency for identification.
    The shrimp preys on a range of native species, such as freshwater invertebrates - particularly native shrimp - and even young fish.
    This alters the ecology of habitats it invades, and could cause extinctions.
    According to the Environment Agency, the animal, known as Dikerogammarus villosus, often kills its prey and leaves it uneaten.
    Insects such as damselflies and water boatmen could be at risk, with knock-on effects on the species which feed on them.
    BBC News - Alien 'killer' shrimp found in UK

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