Alienware's Panoramic monitor as CES


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Sweet, I want something like that, say for watching movies as well, a mini iMax theater in my home. :p

Sh!t yeah! That would be awesome!! :) Good ol Alienware... That is definitely a bada$$ monitor..


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That is awesome.

I gathered a little more info....

The specs given were a 10000:1 contrast ration and two WXGA+ 2880×900 panels. No pricing or availability dates were given since it was brought more to weigh consumer response (which was nothing but positive) and show a proof of concept.

Check out this site:
Ostendo Technologies

I've always wanted an Alienware and gathered information and specs of their systems, and I couldn't even build a similar you for the price you pay for a pre-built version. I checked all the "price comparisons web sites also.

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