All browsers have problems with loading websites (page can't be displayed) but internet is fine

So I bought a brand new HP pavilion 6650z win 7 64 bit computer and I am having problems. At first everything was fine, because the browsers were fine. Then one day the browsers stopped, I don't like internet explorer so I downloaded safari, (which I used on my vista) and it randomly just wouldn't load pages. It would maybe go to google, or a few sites, but some websites it would say "Page can not be displayed" I had to use firefox, internet explorer, and safari just to register on this website, some browsers will load a website while others don't. I downloaded google chrome because I saw one thread that used it, but I am noticing that it won't load some websites as well. I know I have internet and it is fine because I play online games and they play excellent, so how do I fix this?



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Hello and welcome to the forums.
First type services.msc into the search box and hit enter
scroll as needed and attempt to find these two item
and or this
if either or both are present double click and choose stop and set the startup type to disable.
The if necessary go here C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
open the file called hosts (use notepad)
if the file contains anything more than the common example lines that are commented out with hash symbols (#) consider deleteing them save the file and reboot. You may need to change the read only default property of the file inorder to save it.

Thanks for the reply! Bonjour was not in the list, nor was ##ID string, I went to that hosts file and opened it but everything in it had a # at the beginning of each line, therefore I made no changes to anything. I installed AVG around the time I started having these problems, could that be it? I temporarily turned it off but I had the same results.


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Believe it or not we've all seen AVG and for that matter many other such products cause or at least be part of the cause of some of the strangest issues and you really can't turn it off or disable it completely. Use programs and features in the control panel to uninstall it, reboot and then download and run this AVG - Download tools
And then download and install MSE.

I uninstalled AVG using that and I searched for it after and I didn't see AVG on my computer at all, and I installed MSI. I don't know if it's fixed now but I was able to log into facebook which I knew wouldn't log in before. So let's hope it is fixed now.

Thanks so much for helping me, it means a whole lot! Have a fantastic thanksgiving!


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You bet and thank you for the follow up and updating your thread. Glad that you were able to resolve your issue. Let's hope it's fixed and we'll just add another check mark to the AVG column.
Thanks for joining and sharing your issue with us.
And best holiday wishes to you as well

Alright I think it is fixed but I'm not 100% sure, because just now I was trying to go to my email right, and it popped up saying the server could not be connected or whatever, but then I went to it again and it worked, so I don't know. It did that before, but it seems like it's more stable, like I'm not as worried of it messing up, even though it probably will.


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Not sure exactly if that's anything to worry about. I for example use Outlook 2010 and it's associated mapi connector to retrieve my Hotmail messages within Outlook. And it is subject to multiple connection failures on any given day so it may not be anything of consequence.

It's just annoying because going to any website like google or youtube I won't be able to connect, but then I will try on another browser or close it out and start it back up and go to google or youtube and it will work, it's just frustrating because I can sometimes go to certain places and sometimes not, but it's better without AVG at least.


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try clearing browser cache and cookies and if you think needed, reset browser to defaults maybe at least IE8 close it down, open control panel and viewing small icon/all contol panel items, select internet options, and use the advanced tab to restore and reset the browser and see if that helps at all. Also open a command prompt and type
ipconfig /flush dns just to clear your local dns cache.

It wouldn't let me flush the dns because it said the function failed during execution. And I just installed chrome and it was doing the same as the other browsers (firefox ie and safari) but I uninstalled safari.


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huh, interesting. Usually that error is a product of having the DNS client service stop and or disabled in the services console. So actually that's quite alright but just for the heck of it start it back up and see if it makes any difference.
type services.msc into the search box and hit enter
look for the DNS Client and double click it
click the start button and set the startup type to automatic
bounce arouind the net for a while and see if anything improves. There are mixed opinions as to whether it's beneficial or not some say leave it on some say leave it off. I just like to see if you notice in improvement overall when you turn it on and leave it on for a while.

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