All files, read-only, help!

Hi everyon! Im having some problems with the read-only attribute, I recently changed my HDD and I went from IDE to SATA, I moved all my info from one disk to the other, I installed Win7 and all seemed to work fine.. I started downloading some wallpapers by torrent and It started getting an error on Utorrent saying ACCES DENIED... i googled it and i found that this happens when the folder where it downloads is set to read-only...

To my surprise I found out that ALL MY FILES AND FOLDERS, from both partitions, are set to read-only... all files on C: and all files on D: are set to read only...

I tried using the attrib -r command and it doesnt work... I granted myself acces and full control to try to change this and Ive had no luck, it says I have full control and all that but still, I cant remove the read-only attribute...

Also, i noticed that If i create a new document, file or folder it automatically is set to read-only and I dont know why!

Please helppppp!!!! :frown::frown::frown::frown:


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Just to be clear, you are not referring to a green square in the check box as indicating a file is read only?

Maybe explain your exact process for "moving all your info" and then installing Win 7. For instance, did you have an image of the old drive you used for the new drive?

No, i mean that when u right click any folder and u go to properties it says its read-only... I wanna correct something.. ONLY the folders are set to READ-ONLY... the files inside arent, but thats the problem, since the folders are read only, everytime, utorrent wants to write something in the download folder, it gives an "acces denied" error and the torrent stops!

I just reinstalled win 7 still all the folders are set to read-only, even thouh there are no files set to read only inside them... is that normal??? I try creating a new folder and its read-only from the moment i create it... is that normal too?

To move all my info I connected the new HDD, loaded win 7 on my old HDD and just used "move to..."

Im fine with the folders being read only, but i download with torrents ALOT and i cant have it stoping all the time b/c of the "acces denied" error!

If u think its not a win 7 problem let me now so I can go bother someone else! (sorry i dunno why, i feel like im annoying when i ask for help;))



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By default, all folders, as in Vista and XP, are set to Read only. You cannot change it. It refers to any files you may wish to place in the folder. It is a security measure. Normally the folder read only attribute, is programmed to be ignored, unless it is a system folder.
I cannot explain why your files are not uploading into the designated folder, however What I could suggest is that you create a special folder (call it torrent_download or something) and try and put your torrents into there. But are you sure it is the Read only attribute which is causing the problem? Perhaps you should try disabling, or examining , your firewall and anti virus settings? I am not fully acquainted with torrent programs, but, perhaps, an examination of the settings there also?

"sorry i dunno why, i feel like im annoying when i ask for help" LOL This forum is designed to provide help and exchange. Saltgrass was merely trying to get the full story from you before giving a more realistic answer..

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Hehehe thanks for everything, i think its working now... I just downloaded a full torrent with no problems...

I realized i added something different on that win 7, I installed AVG Antivirus 8.5 (I had Nod32 before)... now i have no AV installed and it downloaded the files fine.

Now im gonna install nod32 again and i hope i dont find any problem.

Thanks for everything!

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