All folders suddenly read only, can't be reset

I know this seems like a question that has been asked many times, but none of the solutions I have found have worked.

Recently, all of my folders on my hard drive have become read only. Even new folders I create are set to read only. However, all of the files remain unchanged.

I realize that some folders probably can't be changed for security reasons, so I have been trying to get a folder on my desktop to be changed. I am an administrator, and I have full control over the folder. I have tried command prompt using the attrib command and I have taken ownership of the folder. However, I still cannot change the folders from being read only.

I am running Version 6.1.7600 build 7600 in 64 bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I just checked, and both my thumb drive and external hard drive are in the same condition.

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I see no answer to this and I really need one.

The advice at You cannot view or change the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

does not work. One user appears to have an answer but i am not sure how to do what he did
Windows 7 won't let me remove read-only from folder, wtf - IGN Boards

There should be an easy way to change this setting.

I think this is s security setting and cant be changed. I would give the program that keeps changing things Admin rights when it runs inside of the compatibility tab and see if that works before removing the read-only attribute in the Program folder.

Right click the program you wish to run. ( In program files - not the start menu shortcut) Select properties and you will see the compatibility tab. As well as selecting the compatibility, tick, also, the square at the bottom of the wind to run as Administrator.

Compatibility Mode

I hope this helps!

Brett M,
Windows Outreach Team

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