All icons on desktop have inherited the W7 icon

Please help, I do not know why all icons on my desktop and in the taskbar have adopted the W7 windows icon. This has resulted in Internet Explorer starting Media centre instead of IE, only way to start IE is to naviagte through computer/C:/Program Files/Internet Exporer.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello and welcome to the forums. I couldn't say for sure what could have produced this problem (maybe a recent software product installation) I would only suggest, that if this a pretty recent developement then perhaps a system restore to an earlier restore point may be one possible solution.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I installed a monster of a programmer that took a while, its on three DVDs, and am loathe to remove it. It was Never Winter nights 2.

I suspect the problem maybe related to Sim3 somehow, but I cannot be sure.


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Try running the system file checker.
Right-click on command prompt and run as admin. Type:

sfc /scannow

Then press enter. It will now run through and check the system files. If it finds a fault it will attempt to repair.

Thanks for the extra suggestion - the system restore seems to have resolved it.


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Great! :)

Well, it happened again, A system restore to about a week ago seems to have resolved it again. I can only presume one of Microsoft's critical updates is causing a wobble somehow. I tried restoring by only 1 day, this did not work.

So, I rersorted to restoring a full week ago, problem fixed again. Next time, I must remember to refer to this thread and chack the command line resolutions.

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