All kinds of Win 7 errors / getting frustrated...

Alright well here's the deal, I have installed, reinstalled, downloaded, redownloaded, burned and reburned windows 7 from the msdn site. I have done this so many times because I have been unable to load a correctly working Windows 7 onto my system. I do get it installed and working rather flawlessly most of the time even though some of the time I get the frustrating "Some of the files on this disk are corrupt and installation cannot continue." but seems to go away when I mess with my partitions a bit. However the majority of my problems come up when I start doing more with Windows 7.

-Before anytime I start getting a slue of Internet Explorer has stopped working errors that are really starting to bug me.
-Next when using some p2p sharing programs I get immediate shutdowns without errors.
-I have also found that Windows 7 favorite problem word is "Corrupt" I cannot seem to download a student version of Autocad from the site to install it on my machine.
- Have also tried to install an Autocad version from disk where everything installs then Autocad tries to open where again I am unstartled to see a "FATAL ERROR".

-The Windows malicious software tool update never wants to stop updating on my system as well

Starting to get really frustrated with windows 7 with the amount of times I have formatted and reformatted my entire system to try to get a problemless Windows 7 beneath my finger tips, but I'm running out of patience and I'm soon just going to load XP on here so I can get some Autocad work done and so that I can actually use my computer again without getting headaches.

Windows 7 64-Bit

With that many mistakes I am inclined to think you may need a new computer. This is the first time I've suggested this .. and I have written about 1,300 messages here suggesting fixes.


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So, this was a "clean" install?

Could your post your computer specification by clicking on the UserCP link at the top left side of the page.

Did you get any error messages during installation?

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