'All Programs' in Start Menu is Blank


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Windows 7 64bit RC1 v7100

Windows 7 has run flawlessly on my PC, and for the most part still is. Though I don't use the Start Menu > All Programs feature much, I noticed that it has gone blank, nothing there. Any ideas? - Thanks for your help, IM


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Hi Imageman,
Do you mean that when you click on the start button and the menu appears it's blank with no recently used programs placed there?
If so, make sure that the boxes you can see in the screenshot are ticked...


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kemical - When I click 'All Programs', the popup screen is totally blank

I'm going to call this an OS or User Profile corruption or the Start Menu Programs folder got deleted.

Right Click the Orb and choose Explore All users
If it's empty, there is your problem, You will have to recreate it manually.
if not, then it's a corruption somewhere (Registry???)
but I would not know where to look, if that is where it is and I am not saying it is in the Registry

I would create a new user and see if the issue exists. If yes, then reload the OS
If not, then it was a profile issue and use the new profile.

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