All Windows 7 computer cannot see and access each other

Hi, I decided to join the forum just for this purpose. I hope someone will be able to help me.

Anyway here is my problem:

All my computers are running Windows 7 (2 of them are 64-bit, the other 32-bit). A few weeks ago, all of them could see each other just fine. I could access all of them from any computer. However, a few days ago, all of them disappeared. Now when I go to browse my network, all I can see is the local computer (the computer being accessed from) and sometimes my router.

One of the computers is hard wired to my D-link Telus router, while the others are connected via WiFi to my d-link dir-615 router. The 615 has DHCP disabled (meaning my main router is supplying the internal ip addresses), so thats not the problem. Additionally, when I log onto the admin interface on my main router (the telus supplied one), I can see all the devices that are connected and their names and ip addresses. All the devices have internet access without a problem.

One final problem, my laptop shows a linksys wrt110 as being connected my network, but I have no linksys routers in the house.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I would like to be able to access my network drives from my computers.

Thanks again.

It might be useful to note that all my firewalls allow local access to all devices. Also I have looked at many of the similar posts and tried many of the solutions but to no avail.

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