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    the title says nearly everything... when i log in on Win7, the alt-gr key works properly, but after logged in, the key changes to an alt-key... so alt-gr + tab works as alt+tab.

    i know the combination of strg+alt, but for programming its really not a long-time-solution.

    my keyboard-layout is "Deutsch(Österreich)", but it doesnt work with "Deutsch(Deutschland)" as well.
    i didnt change anything on the layout, i just worked in eclipse, and suddenly i couldnt write some special-chars.
    the key isnt defect at all, because its working in a virtual machine (which runs XP) perfectly.

    i have no idea what to do, since im new in Win7.
    hope i get here an answer that solves my problem :)


    i just restarted the VM (Virtual Box), and it works again?
    well.. i hope that solves the problem, i wont delete this (dont know if i even could so :D). probably it helps someday someone else :)

    byyye :)
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