Windows 7 Alternate to Virtural XP Mode for Win 7


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May 5, 2009
I have a few apps that arnt working correctly under Windows 7..

according to what I read about the Virtual PC / XP mode for Win 7.. almost eveything should work when ran under this 'program'.

Problem is I have an older processor that does not support the Virtualization technology.

Question is..

is that an alternative to the new XP mode for Win 7?

I've read about Virtal PC 2007 ?? (I think it was called)
Would this work with Win 7?
if so, does it require a processor enables Virtualization technology?
if so, will is do "something like" the XP Mode for Win 7?
I wouldnt go down the virual machine route if I was you.

What are the apps your having problems with? Have you tried rightclicking the exe and selecting vista under the compatability thing? The only things I've had problems with are stuff like daemon tools and low level apps... in these cases I just used an alternative ;)
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