Amanda Knox Freed !

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    Following a lengthy appeal Amanda Knox has been freed . Prior to the final verdict by the appeal court , Amanda Knox made a heart felt appeal in which she protested her innocence .

    During the four years she has languished in an Italian prison, Amanda Knox has written her memoirs, describing how she came to be convicted — unjustly, she of course insists — of brutally murdering her British flatmate, Meredith Kercher.
    If she is absolved of one of the most grippingly macabre crimes of recent times — an outcome many observers predict when her appeal case reaches its denouement on Monday — her story is expected to be turned into a multi-million-pound Hollywood movie.
    Meanwhile, a group of British film-makers led by award-winning director Michael Winterbottom are considering a rival film with Colin Firth, who owns a villa not far from the murder scene in Perugia, portraying a crusading reporter who proves Knox’s innocence.

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