Amazing Network Problem.


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Hey all, i found this site by mistake, because i was searching for a windows 7 network solution.
Okay, here's my problem.

When i installed the windows, i had no errors, nothing whatsoever. But when i tried to go on the internet 1st it gave me error that i am in Unidentified network, and i could see my step brothers PC on the network, and could go in that drive, copy/paste etc.. but i couldn't access internet. I am constantly getting error with "Wrong IP Configuration."

I got no idea why i am getting this. in IPv4 properties i chose "Assign IPs by default" (or sth like that)

my network submask is,
and it assigns me submask of , and i dont know why :confused:

anyways here's the screenshot:

I would appreciate help with this.. Cuz i tried EVERY possible things i know about..
Not sure about /flush or /renew in cmd, but i will try that today too..


my network submask is, 
and it assigns me submask of , and i dont know why :confused:
If you see a netmask of, that is the default netmask for a Class B network, which means your ip address is most likely 169.x.x.x (x= any value 0 to 255)

A 169 address is a default assigned IP if for some reason when you tried to request an IP address, you were not able to get one, but your computer noticed there is another computer connected to the same network. This is also known as 'self assigned'.

Can your brother get on the internet? what is his ip address? what is the ip address you are getting? Is the device that is handing out DHCP a wireless router? Is is possible that your brother has configured MAC address filtering so only specific computers are able to connect to the network after being entered manually into the routers MAC address table?

Try opening a command prompt and pinging your brothers machine
ping yourbrotherscomputersnamegoeshere
and then do a ipconfig on your own machine and report back to the forum and let us know a bit more info..


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Win8, you are not, by chance, connecting a cable directly between your PC and your step-brother's? That would explain why you are getting a 169.x.x.x address (if you are) and why you can access to his PC but not the Internet.

If you are, you will need to plug directly into the same router or switch your brother is plugged into. If there are no more ports available, you will need to look at getting a bigger switch, or, gulp, enabling Internet Connection Sharing on the other PC.

If you are not plugged into your brother's PC, forget I asked...


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